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How to Join ESRC

The East Side Radio Control clubs provides many benefits to new and seasoned flyers alike. For those new to the hobby, joining the clubs gives access to our skilled instructors FREE of charge. Ask around, trying to teach yourself to fly will probably result in a destroyed airplane or two. Join the club and call our instructors to prevent that catastrophe! The instructors will work with you to be able to meet the requirements to solo


For the experienced flier, ESRC provides a safe controlled environment to hone your skills along with atmosphere to share and learn with other fliers.


First, please stop by the field and talk with some of our members.  You will also find applications and phone numbers posted on the billboard hanging from the pavilion.


ESRC is a chartered member of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics).  This provide the insurance required by SIUE to use their ground along with protecting our club and its members.  Go to the AMA web site to learn how to join AMA.  After joining the AMA they will send you a membership card.  They can also fax a proof of membership if you are anxious to join!.  Submit a copy of this along with your ESRC Application.


Additionally, ALL members are to read and re-read each year the

ESRC by-laws.          


The ESRC membership application is available in MS Word and Adobe PDF formats.  To save to your hard drive right click and choose 'save link as':
ESRC application in MS Word format  or as a PDF Application here to print it

Members under 18 years of age are also required to sign the medical release form