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New Pilot introduction


We belong to the East Side RC Club because we enjoy building and flying RC planes. Our club is open to anyone that shares in this interest. Every trip to the field is an adventure. Sometimes the field is empty and it is fun to practice landings and maneuvers alone. Sometimes there are experienced flyers present and there is always something to learn.

Sometimes there is someone new present so there is an opportunity to share ones own accomplishments. We have club instructors that teach new flyers because they enjoy promoting the hobby. The following guidelines were developed to help this learning period to be more productive for the instructors and more enjoyable for the students. Opinions present herein are a general conscience of the membership. There certainly are other positions on many of these recommendations

Here are some hints for new pilots.    New Pilot Tips.


Please review the following for fixed wing aircraft.     Solo.


Please review the following for helicopters.    Heli Solo.