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Random files - dmcquinn's Gallery
SD-Models 35 % Yak 54 ARF641 views
1/5 scale Piper Cub - shown here in 1986 with son Michael612 views
Sweet Stick - held by wife circa 1980. Plane is gone now but still have the wife.794 views
Matt Chapman 35% Cap 232 - DA 100624 views
Miss Martha - ealry fun-fly plane cicrca 1980675 views
Flying Pizza Box. OS .25./ Elevon Control673 views
Mad Max electric sport plane633 views
Aeroworks Extra 330L Profile with Moki 1801033 views

Last additions - dmcquinn's Gallery
37.5% Pilot-RC Yak 54. 123 inch wing span with DA-170 on Pro-Flow Canister mufflers1304 viewsJun 24, 2011
42% Dalton hanging out at Buder Park 2009996 viewsJan 11, 2010
This is my Dalton 42% Extra 260. 123 inch wingspan with DA 170 gas engine (2 cylinder). Flown extensively in 2009734 viewsJan 11, 2010
New version 3 of my own design "Diamond" fun fly. Built in Dec 2009 and not yet flown (as of Jan 2010)738 viewsIt's like a profile, but the cross section of the fuselage is a diamond shape. Narrow at the top and bottom. One main wheel. All-up weight is 3 lbs. 9 oz. I put one layer of carbon fiber on the exterior to stiffen up the front end. Powered by OS .46 2 cycle glow. 44 x 17 inch wing (750 square inches). Fuse is 1/16 balsa over foam. Wing is built up. Engine is "upside-down" compared to most profiles -- otherwise the exhaust runs into the wing.Jan 11, 2010
Santee crashed in December 2009 after a low altitude snap / spin into the ground at full throttle732 viewsJan 11, 2010
Underside of the "Diamond". I always make the bottom look a lot different from the top.937 viewsThere is a small clear opening on the bottom for visual inspection of the receivers, battery, and servos. Everything is built-in - no hatches. For field access, use a no. 11 blade. Cover back up with packing tape.Jan 11, 2010
Super Sportster - .60 sized sport plane733 viewsMay 12, 2009
Sweet Stick - held by wife circa 1980. Plane is gone now but still have the wife.794 viewsMay 12, 2009